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Welcome to our Hebridean sheep site. We live on the edge of a small village located in the Lincolnshire Wolds about 15 miles east of Lincoln and have been breeding Hebrideans for a number of years.

We chose to keep Hebrideans as they are a small and hardy primitive breed and very easy to handle, especially for those starting out with sheep as their first livestock.

Our initial three Hebrideans were purchased as pets and used as lawnmowers when we lived on the Malverns,Herefordshire. 

We got these three ewe lambs in 2004 and decided we wanted to try and breed with them the following year. Through the Hebridean Sheep Society we found other local members who kept Hebridean sheep. In November 2005 a proven ram called Rye End Sebastian arrived on loan from local breeders Neil and Katie Anderson. This was the ram that started our "Vault" flock.

Over the years our flock has expanded in size and our freezer is always full, so we can now offer our lambs for sale, either for pets, breeding or for your freezer.

We also offer our rams for tupping - to established breeders and also those who want to start their own flock.

Latest News

We have now moved! See our contact page for details. This website will be updated when we have full broadband access.

Zoe and Ken

25th June 2013