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Tried Authentic Hebridean Hogget? 

No! So why not give a Heb a try? – We eat nothing else.

The meat of the Hebridean has a unique and distinct taste. It is ideal as a roasted joint or made into casseroles and tagines. It can be purchased directly from us as boxed meat at certain times of the year. It’s not just us - Hebridean meat is in demand by top chefs and restaurateurs as it lends itself well to gourmet meals.

Our lambs are reared until they are approximately 15 months old, which we feel is the perfect age for the combination of tenderness, flavour and size. They are allowed to develop and grow slowly, giving a high quality meat, low in fat and full of taste. At this age they are classed and sold as Hogget.

This slow to mature way yields a lean but very flavoursome meat with a thin covering of fat.

Slaughter is at our local private abattoir at Leintwardine where they prepare the carcass to our specific requirements after hanging it for a week. The carcass is typically 20kg or a little more before cutting up.

For the more adventurous, we can supply the carcass whole, enabling you to become a home butcher! It is quite simple - Click to play a YouTube HD video.  

We are happy to arrange delivery locally or could arrange chilled overnight delivery. We can take orders from about June but the more time we have to plan the better.

Please remember - our lambs are reared in the old fashioned way. Purchasing your meat from us enables us to continue keeping Hebridean sheep, provide conservation grazing and help ensure the survival of rare and traditional breeds.



You can even order and pay for your hogget via credit card over the internet.

Do get in touch if you would like further details.